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Creative story-telling

I was 21. It was a cold winter morning and I was desperately waiting for the newspaper uncle to come and give me that day’s newspaper, the Times of India. My dad and mom pretty much felt my excitement but didn’t know why. A couple of days back I wrote my opinion to the editor of the Times of India regarding an editorial subject that was published in the newspaper. Usually, the editor picks up the best opinion based on how strong it is, the language used, and how well the opinion is articulated. This was my 6th time writing such an opinion. All the previous 5 opinions were rejected. But for some reason, I was sure that this time my opinion would be published. I hurriedly opened the newspaper and went to page 2 where the opinions are published next to the editorials.


“Submitted by Aniket Parihar”, read the words.

Yes. My opinion was published for the very first time in India’s leading newspaper back then.

That was definitely a point in my life when I realized that I do have some relationship with writing. It's a form of meditation for me. 

I write everyday on Medium


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