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I am an industry-agnostic product manager with 9 years of product management experience. I have worked in small-size startups as well as billion-dollar companies across India and Europe. 


My product management philosophy: I believe product management is 60% about understanding the customer problem and articulating it well to relevant stakeholders such as engineering and design and 40% about developing creative solutions that tackle the problems. And hence I strive to have a strong and clear understanding of what exactly is required to build products that customers eventually use and pay for. 


I've worked with

And here's how it went...

Pain points faced

  • No clear product-market-fit

  • Focus on output, not outcomes

  • Lack of alignment between functional teams

  • Maintaining the balance between being agile and sticking to the plan

Strategies I used

  • Strong focus on user pain points through continuous research and feedback loop 

  • Align cross-functional teams

  • Fail fast, grow fast culture

Outcomes created

  • Improved customer satisfaction measured via NPS. 

  • Better products –delivered faster

  • Outcome-focused teams

  • Reduced meeting time, higher team engagement

If you are a startup, mid-size company or a scale-up, here's how I can help you


Lastly, here's my portfolio that will help you understand my work better. 

Building product-led organizations

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